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The world have gone virtual...
Our new problem…

We have all learnt and discovered that our makeup just isn't the same though a virtual camera.

From virtual meetings, events and visibility, our confidence can really shine through our makeup!

Because when we look good, at our beautiful, best self,
We feel a certain empowerment, more driven and motivated to take on the business woman in us!


But when it comes to Makeup for cameras, it is another lesson in itself;

  • The lighting.  

  • The shine.  

  • The patches. 

  • The; 'where has my makeup gone?. 

  • The Confidence factor.

Are all problems and questions we are all having right now!


So as a professional Makeup Artist, I have specially created the

'Lights, Camera, Makeup - Course'.

To help us, women in business, feel our ultimate best selves,

through natural, enhancing makeup looks

BUT suited to the virtual world.

Beauty and makeup raises our energy,
The empowerment of ourselves and

The motivation for our visibility

 Within each and everyone of our business'


Which I want to share, teach and inspire you, that there IS an answer.

I have been teaching women for years,

on how you can focus on your own true beauty,

enhance what you have and be your own beautiful self everyday! 

So I wanted to create your very own, 'at home', Women in Business Virtual Makeup course with all my secrets, tips and techniques to carry with you through your entire business image to beauty.

Get all the answers you've been looking for, all in 2 weeks! 

My 2-week intensive 'Lights, Camera, Makeup Course' contains; 

LIVE makeup lessons, 'Tech' Camera tips, the secrets of Lighting and Positioning, & extra BONUS Makeup Lesson looks for other Business Occasions.
(more details for whats involved, below)


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What the course contains;

  • Camera Ready Makeup Lesson
    Full step-by-step makeup lesson for the perfect camera ready makeup look.

  • Camera, Lights, Action
    The tips and tricks on the 'tech' side of camera, and how to get the best angles!

  • Confidence in You 

       To discover your true beauty, tones and unique features for you confidence to shine!

  • Skincare Special
    Back to Basics - the magic to good makeup, is good skincare! Personalised to you.

  • Essential Beauty Products

       Helping you go through you makeup bags and assuring you have the 'essentials'. 

       Breaking down from Skin to Makeup, so you have ONLY the products you need!

  • Mindset Beauty
    Touching base on the mindset work; to feel 'camera ready' not just look 'camera ready'

  • Relaxed but Smart Makeup Lesson
    Full makeup look, but less! Light and simple for a relaxed but smart working look.

  • Professional Image Makeup Lesson
    For the real-life business days, a makeup look for long-lasting, professional look.

  • *BONUS* Glam Awards Makeup Lesson
    For the special occasions, awards ceremony Glam look.

AND LIFE-TIME ACCESS to recap, repeat and revisit anytime!
This entire course will be in a Private Facebook Group for you to gain access to upon purchase, during and after the course.
The course will have set LIVE days for you to join in real-time or whenever suits your diary!

Take control of the Virtual Beauty World NOW,
Discover your makeup confidence and concur your 2021 Virtual Business look forever!

Take part in the course *starting Monday 22nd February*  

All For £199 and have access for life.

 Find your virtual business confidence in makeup! 

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22nd February 2021
(2 Week Course)


Special Offer: 
 ONLY £179 
(Offer ends 31/01/21)