Im super excited to launch The Glow-up Challenge !!

My passion is to teach women to enhance and compliment their true beauty, and you can do this with ANY makeup look!


Our 8-day Challenge to;

- Find your true beauty 

- Discover your own Face

- Step out of your comfort zone 

- Learn new skills

- Giveaway Competitions 


The challenge includes 4 in-depth LIVE demos (every other day)

A day for you to recreate and practice what you have learnt 

Submit your look as this enters you into the free giveaway.

Each demoed look will teach you every area of makeup from classic to statement with all my artist techniques

Resulting in each demoed look to be enhancing and complimenting on your personal features.


Upon signing up you will be sent 'The Glow-up Planner' which will be reverted back to throughout the challenge for you to make notes and save for the future.


The entire Challenge will take place in a 'CLOSED, PRIVATE Facebook Group' which I will add you into when you've signed up.

Everything will be LIVE and in the UNITS sections so you can keep up to date.


Benefit from ALL of this content for just £80 to join us on the Glow-up Challenge and transform your Makeup Looks for life!

All the content, lessons, demos and time is worth over £350 (based on 1-1 services with Makeup by Sophie Downing)


So if your ready to take on the GLOW UP challenge, SIGN UP TODAY

(tickets close on the 20th August!)

The Glow-up Challenge starts; FRIDAY 21ST AUGUST  - FRIDAY 28TH AUGUST
(The LIVES will be at 7pm so that you can join in - but catch up is available)

To Register for the event purchase your Ticket TODAY 

Im ready!! See you there 

SD x

@Makeup By Sophie Downing