1st - 31st MARCH 2022

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Refresh your Spring Makeup Looks with the new Masterclass month 

Welcome to the Spring Makeup Refresh for the upcoming beautiful season.

The Makeup Masterclasses are here to TEACH, INSPIRE and UPDATE your current makeup, into an on-trend, refreshed and uplifted look for your spring season.


My passion is to teach women to enhance and compliment their true beauty, and you can do this with updating your makeup look!

This month were getting Spring ready

Flowers start blossoming, nights get lighter

and the weather gets warmer.

Our beauty routines need to change with this to!

Don't miss out on getting your beauty ready for Spring with these masterclasses - sharing all my artist tips and techniques on updating your look ready for this season.



The Spring Masterclasses are to;

  •  Find your true beauty

  •  Update your current makeup look

  •  Try something new

  •  Step out of your comfort zone

  •  Refresh your look for spring

Tell me more...

Imagine your makeup bags being fully updated with new, on-trend colours


Imagine the feeling of your skin on a fresh springs day, working in your glowing favour

Imagine applying your makeup with knowledge and confidence that your makeup look is on-trend for the Spring Season

Now you can achieve and feel those exact visualisations through these Spring Refresh Masterclasses.


What is the outline of the Masterclass Month?

Throughout the month, you will have LIVE weekly step-by-step makeup lessons (which can be replayed)

Bi-weekly Skincare Sessions to update your skincare routine for Spring too

A Spring Makeup Guide will be available to download and revert to at anytime,

How to update your Beauty Bags for the Spring Season

& Product recommendations with each makeup lesson to help you find new, must-have products.

Each LIVE session will be a planned look (on the posted schedule) which covers every individual trend & colour for the Spring Season in the guide.

By teaching the lessons in this way, it will give you ideas on how you can wear and use a mixture of techniques for a range of makeup looks this Spring.

Each lesson will cover every part of the face, for you to achieve a complete a full makeup look to wear at anytime.

Overall, result in enhancing and complimenting your beauty FOR LIFE!


You can benefit from ALL of this content for;

in my Private FB Group 

Join & access the Spring Makeup Masterclasses to transform your Makeup Looks throughout March for the current season.

All makeup lessons can be replayed at ANY TIME.

  • Thats 4 makeup lessons

  • 2 Skincare Sessions

  • Makeup Bag Update Guide

  • Product Recommendations

All the content, lessons, demos and time is worth over £500

(based on 1-1 services with Makeup by Sophie Downing)

Makeup Refresh Masterclasses-2.png


How long will the Masterclass take?

The Masterclasses are weekly sessions, for up to 40 minutes per look, which are all available to replay at anytime.
The groups starts from 1st March until 31st March


Where will the lessons be held?

As soon as you click to join,  you need to ask to join The Glow Collective Free Facebook Group, where you have complete access to all the lessons (as stated above)

You will need a Facebook Profile to join.


Who is this course for?

The course is designed for anyone who sticks to the same makeup routine, feels stuck in a rut on their looks and needs to try something new, step out of their comfit zone and discover makeup techniques to wow you.
You might not have a huge love for makeup but you would love to feel renewed, refreshed and revitalised stepping into the new Spring Season.

You will be expertly guided in enhancing your makeup with my artist spring makeup looks for the future season.