You've entered the world of all things self-love, confidence and beauty!
My makeup world is something different to the rest...


I aim to enhance and compliment your natural beauty and I support that through and through with each of my private clients.

I would love you to join 'The Glow Collective', with my group of like minded women who I support in all their inner and outer beauty with lots a free makeup and skincare demos and more beauty topics to get involved with.


Join us and get involved with self love through natural beauty and spend time on YOU.

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Studio closed until 2nd December… 

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Due to the current virus affecting the UK, I have to abide by the Government Guidelines and have put my studio safety rules in place
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If you have an appointment booked, or wanting to be aware before booking;

I can not wait to welcome you 'back' to Makeup by Sophie Downing Studio

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Our personal Makeup and Skincare image changes A LOT once we hit our older years, with our skin texture and features tweaking over the years - we need to focus on enhancing our true beauty!

We have LESS time on our hands, and our makeup doesn't look as effective as it did 5 years ago...

We really are stuck in a rut with skincare and makeup that we haven't changed since.


💄 NOW, with my Ultimate 'Makeover Toolkit’ your current routine can be revitalised with new techniques, knowledge and skills for your everyday makeup look and skincare routine.

Its exactly what you've been wanting answers to!


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Over £250+ of content!


Its never too late to ENHANCE YOUR TRUE BEAUTY!

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