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Choose from one of the below 'Power Hours', to start your personal growth journey with my assistance, to dig and discover so much about YOU within each area, and live as your best self!


💕 Self-Discovery
(Mapping out your core values, discovering who you was, and who you are deep within, to bring out the beautiful being that you already are - if you have felt a bit lost in life)

💕 Self-Love
(Putting yourself first, knowing your self-worth, connecting with your self-compassion, boosting your self-esteem & shining your self-confidence for a glowing future! - the complete self love package)

💕 Spiritual Guidance
(Connecting with the divine, gaining tools and methods to keep your mindset raised and positive, covering rituals and all things spiritually elevating)

💕 Goal Intention Setting
(Time to get your life on track! Using reflections and achievements to how grateful your life already is, and setting core intentions for a future of constant manifesting for you to live your truest desires!)

Everyone can take something from each and every power hour with me.
The most elevating and motivating investment to start your journey with.

Click one of the above to book your chosen power hour and enjoy the 1:1 insight of having your very own uplifting coach.

If your going to start somewhere.
Only £99!
or contact me to discuss more...

💌 I can’t wait to elevate your inner beauty journey. To glow and grow
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