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Enhancing makeup looks that takes less than 10 minutes.

Magnify your beauty BUT Speed up your routine...




I’d like to ask you something… How long does it take you to create a makeup look that you are 100% happy with?

🌟 How many times are you reapplying makeup because you just cannot get it right?

🌟 Do you want to spend less time in the mirror?

🌟 Are you finding it difficult to bring out certain features that you have been hiding because you just don’t have the knowledge or confidence to carry out? 

🌟 Have you got distractions each morning and leave the house feeling unfinished?


Not everybody likes change, and when it comes to a make-up routine, we tend to stick to the same old look that we are unhappy with, now is the time to be creative and inspire yourself with quick alternatives that take less time.

There may be features you’ve not been able to magnify or the eyeshadow colour you just cannot compliment with your eyes.

With these lessons, it will teach you how to highlight these features and bring out the confidence within yourself. It’s time to express your inside personality to a beautiful outside look.

With this bundle, you will be supported and provided with new quicker methods and techniques for you to create your own everyday makeup looks and enhance your true beauty.


Hey beautiful ladies, I’m Sophie – a professional makeup artist based in Derby. I have worked as a makeup artist since 2012. After qualifying in beauty, I worked in makeup for photoshoots and catwalks in the high glam industry until I switched to Bridal and Occasion makeup. 

I love my job, but it felt like something was missing. 

I believe that to look beautiful is your right, however, so many of my clients were not only struggling with their outer beauty but also their inner beauty. That is when I began to teach makeup and help with building women’s confidence. 

My mission is to guide and empower women to step into their true beauty,

showing you how you can enhance and complement your natural beauty and feel amazing within your own skin.​


You are reading this today for a reason. Maybe you’ve been flicking through magazines and admiring soft looks that you wish you were able to create yourself… Well now you can! 

I know exactly what puts you off, spending an hour in front of a mirror applying and removing, getting yourself worked up because you need to be at work and you have 10 minutes to get out of the door. How is it possible to look good in such a short space of time? 


I’m so excited to be able to offer you my Fast & Fabulous Makeup Bundle. 

You are now going to magnify your beauty and speed up your routine with these five quick and effective makeup looks all taught to you in a step by step lesson.

Imagine in one weeks time, you will have the ability to enhance your makeup look in only 5 minutes, spending the rest of your day feeling radiant and confident.


So, what is in the Fast & Fabulous Bundle?

There are 4 main lessons in this fast & fabulous bundle which covers full makeup looks with techniques to improve your application ability to magnify your beauty but speed up your routine.  


Even, Sculpt, Frame, Pop & Glow

This 5 key point technique will enhance the features that are essential for an everyday look.


   3:3 Method

The 3:3 method will identify the three concerns and the three loved features about your face to create an overall look that makes you feel beautiful.


Post Beauty Sleep’ Makeup Look

We all want to apply a makeup look that is enhancing and flawless as if we have just got 10 hours sleep! This lesson includes exactly that. This requires minimum effort but effective looks. 


1 Place Essentials

This method requires only the minimal, essential products to achieve a complete enhancing makeup looks.


Speed Glam Look

What’s a makeup look without a glam finish. This lesson helps you magnify your beauty in a more glamorous focus and best of all, its QUICK & EFFECTIVE!!


For every session, you will have a in-depth product sheet that suggests the BEST items for each particular area of your face – each product was also used by myself on the lesson. If you only work with the cheap materials, you will never achieve the look you desire. Worn by myself and used on my clients (I only ever practise what I preach) these products will help take your makeup application to the next level.

See what the clients have to say;

"This bundle is great for beginners like me who really haven’t got a clue about how to apply make up and think it takes forever to do.

Sophies was of explaining everything is simple and straight forward. She list out all the products that you need  which makes it so easy.

As a woman in her 40’s who has no idea what to do with make up I’ve learnt a lot from this bundle. I use to avoid make up most of the time, because I either just didn’t have the time or I never really knew what to do." - LYNN 

You can get all this AMAZING value in the Fast & Fabulous Bundle for ONLY £55!! 

In addition to these 5 lessons, you also receive;

Makeup Products recommendation lists, per look

FREE BONUS exclusive ‘Self love Task Video’ (worth £22)


The Fast & Fabulous Bundle is my signature makeup course that you need in your life.

Don’t forget it includes;

  • 4 videos so you can learn at your own pace

  • Makeup looks that take less than 20 minutes

  • Exclusive methods that enhance your unique features

  • 5 Recommended Product Lists

  • FREE Self-confidence Bonus Video

  • Lifetime Access


Achieve quick but effective looks with;
ONLY £55
(worth £350)


How long will the course take?

You can complete the course in as long or as short a time as you wish through self-study plus you have lifetime access so you can re-visit the lessons anytime.


How soon can I start the course?

As soon as you sign up, the login details will be sent straight to you so you can start immediately!


Who is this course for?

The course is designed for busy mums, working women and individuals who have less interest in full make up looks and want a simple daily looks. You will be expertly guided in enhancing and complementing your natural features with these 5 amazing videos.

Why is this course different from other beauty courses?

With over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry working from high-end fashion shoots, to brides on their big day, and teaching group makeup Masterclasses, I understand exactly what you need. This fires my passion and appreciation of how makeup can help women with their confidence.  Beauty needs to be both inside as well as outside and this comes across in my training.

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