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Master your Party Makeup and

feel glamorous for any occasion


Glam up your party makeup, and feel made up for the occasion by learning a wide range of looks and techniques to create like a real Makeup Artist



Glitter & Glamour Party Bundle

I’d like to ask you something… how much did you love your party makeup on your last night out?


🌟 Were you happy with the glamour that enhanced your beauty?

🌟 Did you even do a different look from your everyday routine?

🌟Do you apply and remove over and over again because you just can’t get it right?

🌟Do you wish you had more knowledge and confidence about which products and tools to use?

If you don’t change your basic makeup look when you have a party to go to or you struggle to achieve that Pinterest glam eye makeup look then I have the perfect crash course with a step-by-step approach to learning everything you need to know for any party occasion.


*Imagine what it would feel like to be self-assured in the products and application you are using for a party makeup look

*Picture the confidence you would feel if you nailed the look you wanted to wear


*Wouldn’t you love to learn different party looks with an easy approach that isn't time consuming 

Create easy, glamorous confidence boosting makeup looks for any event.


Hey beautiful ladies, I’m Sophie – a professional makeup artist based in Derby. I have worked as a makeup artist since 2012. After qualifying in beauty, I worked in makeup for photoshoots and catwalks in the high glam industry until I switched to Bridal and Occasion makeup. 

I love my job, but it felt like something was missing. 

I believe that to look beautiful is your right, however, so many of my clients were not only struggling with their outer beauty but also their inner beauty. That is when I began to teach makeup and help with building women’s confidence.

My mission is to guide and empower women to step into their true 'beauty', to show them how they can enhance and complement their natural beauty and feel amazing within their own skin. ​

You are reading this today for a reason. Maybe you have that specific Pinterest board of your dream makeup looks that you try every time you go out – but every time you try it just doesn’t look how you expect
You just want to feel and look your best, glamourous self on your special occasions. 
So, say goodbye to admiring pretty looks that you wish you could achieve, because you are going to learn multiple party makeup looks for the rest of your life, with my most amazing bundle of lessons.

I’m so excited to be able to offer you my Glitter & Glamour Makeup Bundle.

It is the ultimate party pack for looking your BEST SELF! Gain confidence and add glamour to your makeup. Learning all the looks will boost your passion for makeup and makeup getting ready for your night out so much simpler with all the in-depth tips and techniques I will be teaching you within each session.


So, what is in the Glitter and Glamour Bundle?

There are 4 main lessons in the bundle covering each aspect of your everyday makeup routine. Once you have mastered the step by step, professional makeup artist skills that I will teach you, you’ll be achieving beauty brilliance in a matter of minutes – every single day.

Glamorous Glitter Liner Lesson 
Not only adding glitter in new ways but also mastering that winged liner that we all have to repeat over and over just to get the straight line, and match! Well my step by step application technique will make you wonder why you never knew this sooner. Also complete the face with a full look on all of your other beautiful features.


Glitter Cut Crease Lesson

The ultimate party makeup eyes that will be your go-to every time! Learn how to shape the eyes, blend shadows and enhance the look with sparkle! It is frustrating when you are using such beautiful eyeshadow colours but they all just merge into one basic brown. Not any more with this in-depth eye lesson.


Full Party Glam Lesson

The classic, show stopping party look that will attract compliments left, right and centre. Full Party Glam is covering every area of your beautiful face, from the foundation, defining the brows, adding sparkle in places you never expect, all to bring out your beauty that is perfect for flashing lights and wild nights.


Subtle Smokes and Statement Lip Lesson

What’s a party makeup without a smoky eye? AND don’t forget the sparkle! It's time for the ultimate session to teach you how to nail a smoky eye in minutes, ready to run out the door without looking like you’ve been in a fight. Also pairing the look with lips of love, being able to wear shades that compliment and not transfer on to your fizz. 


After learning these key lessons, you will have come to know, sparkle and be confident in applying your makeup for any occasion and not spend hours doing so.

You can get all this AMAZING value in the

Glitter and Glamour Bundle for ONLY £44!! 

PLUS, FREE BONUS – when you sign up for the Glitter and Glamour Bundle you will receive a FREE Perfect Product Lists for every lesson, 
An in-depth product sheet with everything that I used in each session, and other products that I would highly recommend to achieve the best finish in every look.
Making your wish lists much easier to find and purchase, building your makeup collection like a pro.

The Glitter and Glamour Bundle is the perfect Party Makeup course that you need in your life.

Don’t forget it includes

  • 4 step by step videos so you can learn at your own pace

  • Full Product Lists for you to find and purchase after each lesson

  • Feature focus on your cheeks, lips, brows and eyes 

  • FREE Self-confidence Bonus Video

  • Lifetime Access


Learn all of these looks with the;
ONLY £44
(worth £350)

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