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Learn the Basics Of Your Makeup Application Without Getting Overwhelmed 

Take control of your beauty, transform your makeup routine and learn all the skills and self-confidence needed to become a lifelong makeup pro.

Back to Basics Beauty Bundle


 I’d like to ask you something… what was your makeup routine like this morning?

🌟  Are you happy with the way your makeup looks right now?  

🌟  Do you wish you had more knowledge and confidence about which products and tools to use?

🌟  Do you feel makeup is just too complicated and you don’t have the time for it?

🌟  Did you even have a makeup routine this morning?

Whether you are just starting out on your makeup journey or have used makeup but never really given it much thought then I have the perfect crash course with a step-by-step approach to learning the basics of beauty.

Imagine what it would feel like to be self-assured in the products and application you are using in your makeup routine.

Picture the confidence you could have by being empowered to take control of your natural beauty.

Would you like to learn simple but effective techniques to create a flawless finish, every day?

Take the stress, complication and overwhelm out of makeup 

Hey beautiful ladies, I’m Sophie – a professional makeup artist based in Derby. I have worked as a makeup artist since 2012. After qualifying in beauty, I worked in makeup for photoshoots and catwalks in the high glam industry until I switched to Bridal and Occasion makeup. 

I love my job, but it felt like something was missing. 

I believe that to look beautiful is your right, however, so many of my clients were not only struggling with their outer beauty but also their inner beauty.
That is when I began to teach makeup and help with building women’s confidence.

My mission is to guide and empower women to step into their true 'beauty',

to show them how they can enhance and complement their natural beauty and feel amazing within their own skin.​

You are reading this today for a reason. Maybe you're sitting at home, scrolling on your phone or binging on your favourite Netflix series and thinking – hmmm, perhaps the girl has a point! Maybe something in your makeup world isn’t quite right, and you want more, you want some excitement back! 

So, press pause on that Netflix show for 30 seconds because I have the most amazing offer to help you get back on track with your confidence and interest in makeup. We all deserve a bit ‘me’ time, right?!


I’m so excited to be able to offer you my Back to Basics Makeup Bundle.

It is the ultimate beauty starter pack for looking after YOURSELF!
Gain confidence and excitement when it comes to makeup.
Going back to basics will start (or reignite) your passion for makeup and guide you through all the in-depth tips and techniques you need to lay the foundations for truly beautiful looking makeup – every day.


So, what is in the Back to Basics Bundle?

There are 4 main lessons in the bundle covering each aspect of your everyday makeup routine. Once you have mastered the step by step, professional makeup artist skills that I will teach you, you’ll be achieving beauty brilliance in a matter of minutes – every single day.

Base, Face and Contouring Lesson  

Our skin changes over time so it's really important to keep changing our foundations. You will learn to find the right way to choose and apply your foundation so it gives you a natural look, with the best way to pair your concealer. I will teach the leading techniques to achieve a youthful, fresh finish and touching base on my top contouring tips, for you to achieve face shaping with ease! - no streaks involved!


Highlight, Liner and Lips Lesson

Once you have nailed the 'foundations', it's time to bring some detail to the design with honed highlighting, executing eyeliner and achieving the perfect pout. Many clients I work with feel a bit nervous of highlighting; - thinking it might appear too shiny. Wobbly eyeliner and lipstick that bleeds just add to their makeup worries. But these areas are so important in your makeup skills to help make the most of your features and achieve a look that subtly stands out. Let's bring a boost of confidence to your makeup.


Defined Brows and Enhancing Eyes Lesson 

We all know the eyes are the windows to the soul! I will teach you how to elevate the features you have by focusing on what suits your eye shape and eye colours. Whether you prefer a strong, bold look or a more subtle approach to your ‘everyday’ eyes, you will master my perfected techniques for spicing up your soul! 


Full Face Makeup Lesson

It's time for the ultimate session in bringing together everything you have learnt to achieve a perfect, everyday look to your makeup. By the end of these lessons, you will have come to know, love and be confident in using products and the applications required to enhance your natural beauty.


Perfect Product Lists


For every session, you will have a in-depth product sheet that suggests the BEST items for each particular area of your face – each product was also used by myself on the lesson. If you only work with the cheap materials, you will never achieve the look you desire. Worn by myself and used on my clients (I only ever practise what I preach) these products will help take your makeup application to the next level.

See what the clients have to say;

" I Learnt so much in just 4 lessons, perfect for going over the basics and refreshing make up skills, just what I needed.

Love how it was broken down into sections to go into details and the brought together for the final look. I am now more confident with make up because of this." - Rosie 

You can get all this AMAZING value in the Back to Basics Bundle for ONLY £44!! 


PLUS, FREE BONUS – when you sign up for the Back to Basics Bundle you will receive a FREE self-confidence video. Linking beautifully to the Back to Basics Bundle, it will enhance the skills you have learnt and enable you to start loving everything about your inner and outer beauty! (worth £17)

The Back to Basics Bundle is my signature beginners makeup course that you need in your life.

Don’t forget it includes;

  • 4 step by step videos so you can learn at your own pace

  • Product Lists recommendations for each makeup lesson

  • Feature focus on your cheeks, lips, brows and eyes 

  • FREE Self-confidence Bonus Video

  • Lifetime Access


Begin your makeup journey with;


ONLY £44
(worth £350)


How long will the course take?

You can complete the course in as long or as short a time as you wish through self-study plus you have lifetime access so you can re-visit the lessons anytime.


How soon can I start the course?

As soon as you sign up, the bundle will be sent straight to your email where you can download the lessons and start straight away!


Who is this course for?

The course is designed for anyone who has never tried makeup or who struggles to apply and achieve a basic everyday makeup look. You might have only recently started your 'love of makeup' journey, googling which products suit you and watching YouTube videos on makeup application. Whatever your reason – you will be expertly guided in enhancing and complementing your natural features with these 4 amazing videos.


Why is this course different from other beauty courses?

With over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry working from high-end fashion shoots, to brides on their big day, and teaching group makeup Masterclasses, I understand exactly what you need. This fires my passion and appreciation of how makeup can help women with their confidence.  Beauty needs to be both inside as well as outside and this comes across in my training.


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