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Welcome to

'Make-up by Sophie Downing'

Sophie, the professional make-up artist based in Derby.

Specialising in all makeup applications from Bridal, Occasional and photographic.

She also teaches 1-1 makeup lessons, group masterclasses, Makeup parties and many more personal services to cater your needs when it comes to makeup.

Her additional services also include HD Airbrushing and Lash Lifts.

To look beautiful is your right, to make you beautiful is our duty’ 

'I stand by my quote and believe that everyone has their inner beauty but finds their confidence through their outer beauty which is where I come in to make you feel good as a whole.'

My main message to your beauty expectations are to [Enhance and Compliment your natural beauty], as theres nothing more rewarding than feeling good in our own skin, and knowing how to enhance that in your daily life and occasions'.


Sophie is a friendly and approachable individual which makes her services more trusting and comfortable whist creating that special bond. 

With her talented skills and your beauty, she can achieve your desired look.

Every makeup look is achievable! Its how Sophie enhances your features which makes it work for you!


It is important that Sophie connects with her clients at a personal level to bring them reassurance and confidence in her services. 

She likes to work closely with you to achieve your desired look where she individually identifies what looks would suit you best and how she can adapt your dream makeup look to compliment your features, face shape and skin.


Your experience with Sophie will sure bring out your beauty in a whole and make you walk away with satisfaction, and will look forward to seeing you again in the future.

I use top branded products, some including;

Whist also using top HD airbrushing equipment that gives a flawless, even and long-lasting finish.

And natural, vegan, skincare products from TROPIC SKINCARE;

Sophie believes that a good Skincare is the secret to good makeup.

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Sophie - Head Makeup Artist


Sophie here, the Founder and Owner of my Makeup Empire 'Makeup by Sophie Downing'

I have been in the makeup industry for over 10years! As soon as I left school I went straight into studying Makeup Artistry for 2 years, leading me into Makeup for Photography, fashion shows, and catwalk

This is where my flare for makeup really shone.
Until I had my first wedding booking, and it flipped my outlook upside down - the heavy, glam, fashion makeup was taking a back seat, and the enhancing, natural and beautiful makeup made centre stage.
And here we are now!
Creating makeup for around 100 brides a year, and also teaching personal 1:1 makeup lessons for self-confidence.

- My star sign is a Cancer, I love all things Law of Attraction and I am a big believer of accomplishing everything you desire in your life! (No matter how crazy)
- I love to travel and go on holiday as much as humanly possible around my bridal bookings.
- My biggest hobby outside of my passion and love for makeup is Health and Fitness. 
I make time to work out daily and live a healthy balanced lifestyle, feeling my body with nutrition and a little naughtiness.

- Oh and I am addicted to a mid-morning coffee boost!


Jade - Senior Makeup Artist 

Jade - Senior Makeup Artist 

Hello, My name is Jade I’m a professional fully qualified makeup artist.


I have always loved all things beauty and makeup, I’ve trained for years to become not only a makeup artist but also a beauty therapist. Allowing me to provide expert advice when needed.

My passion and heart truly lie with makeup, there’s nothing I love more than making people feel pampered, special and beautiful. 


My signature style is fresh, think along the lines of effortless glamour and glowing skin. Makeup that will photograph absolutely flawlessly but also look incredible close up. 

making you feel a million dollars for any occasion.  

Ultimately I want you to feel the very Best version of yourself.

I live with my fiancé and Little boy Arlo in the village Aston-on-Trent.
We have recently moved there and are currently in the middle of renovating our family home. Which I absolutely love, seeing the changes and adding all the final details to each room.

I’m regularly chasing and playing with my little boy. Family time for me truly is precious, I love watching Arlo grow watching his personality evolve daily. I often find him tooking into cakes or biscuits out the treat drawer, he definitely takes after his mama!.  

In my own time I enjoy having a scroll through Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration, wether that be for makeup or for our current renovation!. I’m a very sentimental person and will always try to find the beauty in everyday moments.  All whilst enjoying a hot coffee… sometimes a little too cold for my liking! But I wouldn’t have it any other way..


If you would like to enquire your wedding, or find out about our packages, you can download them here ⬇

We look forward to showcasing your beauty for your special occassions 

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