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🌟 Revamp Your Full Make-up Bag with Your Personal Makeup Artist! 🌟


Are you ready to ignite a fresh wave of confidence? Dreaming for a clean slate and a personalised touch to your makeup bag?
Look no further! It's time to step into a journey of renewal, revamp, and refresh with your very own makeup artist by your side.

🎨 Personalised Makeup Magic at Your Fingertips

Meet Sophie, your trusted makeup guru, right in the cozy confines of your home through a virtual Zoom session. Picture yourself surrounded by your cherished skincare essentials, beloved makeup products, and trusty tools—all waiting to be rejuvenated and reimagined.


💄 Say Goodbye to the Old, Welcome the New

Together, we'll deeply rifle through your makeup arsenal, saying farewell to expired products and boring shades. Sophie's expert eye will guide you on what stays and what goes, ensuring every item in your collection deserves its place.


🌈 Renew Your Glamour

With Sophie's keen insight and tailored recommendations, every product in your stash will undergo a transformative makeover.  You will discover the perfect shades and essential products that complement your unique beauty, breathing new life into your makeup routine.


Your Personalised Product Prescription

As the session unfolds, Sophie will curate a comprehensive list of recommended products tailored specifically to your needs and preferences. Armed with your list, you'll be equipped to embark on your next beauty shopping spree with confidence and clarity.


🛍️ Embark on Your Beauty Journey

Don't wait another moment to revitalise your makeup bag and embrace your beauty collection.
Join Sophie today and embark on a journey of self-expression and empowerment. Because we all deserve a revamp that leaves us feeling truly fabulous.

Let's embark on this glamorous adventure together—your makeup bag makeover awaits!


Book your Makeup Bag Revamp
Just £100.

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