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Hello from; Sophie Downing
Your Beauty Coach 

I'm here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, elevating your Self Love and empowering your Self-Worth.
Together, we'll cultivate self-love, joy, and confidence, empowering you to overcome challenges and manifest the life you deserve.

Find out how you can embark on this beautiful path, and be the best version of you today. 


Embrace your Inner & Outer Beauty  


⭐️Think about your inner beauty (your mindset and self worth) being what leads your life. The life that you admire and desire at your end result. 

Well with confidence, acceptance and self worth you can have it all!! 

I coach you through it, the self talk, the blocks and everything else that gets in the way of living your dream life or buisness. 



⭐️Now. Think about your outer beauty. (Your looks and your confidence) being what empowers yourself. Knowing about your features, tones and how to enhance that, can uplevel you confidence, skills and feelings about yourself in amazing ways. 

I teach you this! From your skincare, makeup & products, you’ll know all the skills and knowledge for your daily looks, and how to enhance your authentic beauty for life! 


Sound like the inspired steps you need...

Let's begin your journey to self love and fulfilment for who you truly are!! 

And how your inner & outer beauty empowers your life! 


6 WEEKS...

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8 WEEKS...

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8 WEEKS...

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Want my secrets in

 Elevating your Inner Beauty Journey?

You've landed in the perfect place to start your journey!


Beauty, isn't just on the outside, the appearance or the way we show up.

Its an even bigger part on the inside, from you self-love, self-belief and self-worth!!


Im here to share with you 10 secrets to elevating your inner beauty journey, and you will dive in and want so much more!

Well you CAN have more...

Wait until you reach the end of the 'completed steps' and watch magic happen!


Download the Secrets today, FOR FREE!

Me, and my reason why?

I started my life journey as a quiet young girl and blossomed into a confidence, happy and beautiful being, through my life experiences and career.

I am a Professional Makeup Artist, for brides, and teaching women to compliment their true beauty through personalised skincare routines and enhancing makeup looks.
I believe that focussing on your unique features with self-love and confidence releases a beautiful woman inside and out.

Over 7 years ago, I grew my empire through making women feel and look their

ultimate best on the biggest day of their life - Their wedding day! 

Which thrived me to really focus on enhancing natural beauty.
(A bride wants to feel herself, in a more sophisticated,

beautiful manor to represent her future chapter in her life.)

This resulted in then teaching women how to enhance and compliment

their personal features, the tone of their skin and the shape of their faces.
This is all created from self-love and unique beauty that

we all should identify on our journey.

Now Sophie has expanded her brand to take women on a personal journey of self-love through coaching to apply all of the above and more!
 Guiding and inspiriting youth discover your true self, on the inside - to live your life as a confident, positive and beautiful woman that you are.

If you have came across finding me,

this is fate that bought you to start you beauty journey,

to dig deep, discover your beauty and feel confident and bloom in self-love EVERYDAY.

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