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Be the confident business woman you are, with makeup looks to concur your power.


Take control of your professional image with makeup knowledge and skills for any business occasion  



Lights, Camera, Makeup 'Business' Bundle

I’d like to ask you something… Do you change your makeup look depending on your working day?


🌟 Do you feel confident in your beauty routine whilst getting ready for work

🌟Do you wish you had more knowledge and confidence about which products and tools will boost your makeup look to the next level?

🌟Does your makeup empower you and boost your confidence as a business woman?


Most of us just ‘throw some products’ on our face whist getting ready for work. Why should we make such an effort? Its only work, right?
NO; Its your business, your first impressions, your CEO mentality – and your makeup SHOULD match!
You may have your day full of virtual meetings? A networking circle where you will meet other business women? Or an important event that will sign a new contract? 
And your confidence can really shine and make an impact through your makeup!
Because when pay attention to our makeup in aim to look great, as our beautiful, best self;
We feel a certain empowerment, more driven and motivated to take on the business woman within us!

But when it comes to Makeup and our front image, it’s another lesson in itself; 
Maybe it’s the lighting, the progressive shine through the day, the patchy areas that arise, the; 'where has my makeup gone?’ issue or genuinely the confidence factor in how you apply your makeup?
These are all problems and questions us women are all having right now!

But… when we feel beautiful on the outside it has a direct link to how we feel on the inside. It can help us achieve that determined, enthusiastic, wonderful passion inside. 

Well look no further, I have something to offer you that can truly help to revolutionise your week day makeup routine AND give you more confidence and knowledge in the process.

*Imagine if you woke up in the morning actually looking forward to your makeup routine. 

*What if your makeup made you feel empowered and confident for your day ahead? 

* What would it would feel like to take control of your natural beauty and have tools and techniques to give you the knowledge of exactly how to wear and use your makeup for your working day?

Create classy, professional, confidence boosting


makeup looks for every business occasion.


Hey beautiful ladies, I’m Sophie – a professional makeup artist based in Derby. I have worked as a makeup artist since 2012. After qualifying in beauty, I worked in makeup for photoshoots and catwalks in the high glam industry until I switched to Bridal and Occasion makeup. 

I love my job, but it felt like something was missing. 

I believe that to look beautiful is your right, however, so many of my clients were not only struggling with their outer beauty but also their inner beauty. That is when I began to teach makeup and help with building women’s confidence.

My mission is to guide and empower women to step into their true 'beauty', to show them how they can enhance and complement their natural beauty and feel amazing within their own skin. ​

You are reading this today for a reason. Maybe you're waiting for your next zoom meeting thinking – hmmm, perhaps the girl has a point! That learning different makeup looks for each working scenario in your business is something that would really boost your confidence and self-deserving is just what you need to fix that beauty mindset! So, block out your next 30 seconds in your diary, because I have the most amazing offer to help you get back on track with your confidence and interest in makeup. We all deserve a bit ‘me’ time, right?!

I’m so excited to be able to offer you my Lights, Camera, Makeup Bundle.

This is my ultimate ‘women in business.’ Bundle of lessons that make you feel like the Business Woman you are, inside and out!
There are many areas of our working life, that call for a mood-changing makeup look for many different meetings and occasions. Focussing on my Lights, Camera Makeup lessons will reignite your business mindset and enthusiasm for makeup to guide you through all the in-depth tips and techniques you need to lay the foundations for truly beautiful looking makeup from ‘9 to 5’


So, what is in the Lights, Camera, Makeup Bundle?

There are 4 main lessons in the bundle covering a makeup look for each different event in your working business. All it takes is learning these new looks to pinpoint how you can apply your makeup to suit any occasion from working via camera or dressing up for an awards ceremony.

Camera Ready Makeup Lesson 

The world is more virtual than ever, we are scheduling online meetings daily which rises concern for how our makeup can fade or exaggerate too much on camera.
This in-depth lesson will show you all my tips on preventing your makeup from looking shiny, getting wrong toning and focussing on application areas that will be visually complimentary on camera. 

CR Look.jpg

Essential Classic Makeup Lesson 

The daily, natural and minimal look in the bundle. This is one that is quick and simple for our morning routines, whether we are working from home or just sitting at the office desk. This is a pick me up, feel good daily makeup look to enhance and radiate your mood for your daily work.


Boss Babe Makeup Lesson  

The ‘professional’ look of the bundle. This look is for the important meetings, the serious side of our business. I am teaching you a more structured, ‘she means business’ look that will pull those shoulders back, hold your head high and look like a boss!​

boss babe pro look.jpg

Glam Awards Makeup Lesson 

Work isn’t complete without a time to celebrate. If it’s a promotion party, an awards ceremony or even a Christmas do’. This look will tear you away from the ‘working woman’ look, and really make your beauty shine, putting your best foot on the dancefloor with the confident, glamourous look. 

glam awards look.jpg

After learning these key lessons, you will feel empowered, professional and be confident in applying your makeup for any meeting & occasion with your go-to look.

See what the clients have to say...

This bundle provided me with all of the skills I needed for four core make up looks , I really enjoyed checking out the product list in advance and then taking a look at my own make up collection to see how I could use what I already had. Having spent time on a 1:1 lesson with Sophie I already knew she was really skilled but the videos were so useful, a perfect length to just run while I was getting ready in the morning. Her down to earth practical way of delivering the instructions so it didn’t appear over rehearsed instantly put me at ease and allowed me to take on board the learning. 

She really is an expert in her field. 

- Karen 

You can get all this AMAZING value in the

Lights, Camera, Makeup Bundle for ONLY £44!! 

PLUS, FREE BONUS – when you sign up for the Lights, Camera Makeup Bundle you will receive a FREE ‘Camera, lights action Guide’. The Guide covers all my tips and tricks on the 'tech' side of camera, how to get the best angles and lighting to enhance your makeup even more.  (worth £24).

The Lights, Camera, Makeup Bundle is my ultimate, Women in business Makeup Toolkit that you need to look professional and feel your best selves.

Don’t forget it includes

  • 4 videos so you can learn at your own pace

  • A new makeup look for every business event

  • 4 Full Product Recommendations for each lesson.

  • FREE Camera, Lights, Action Guide for Camera tips and angles.

  • Lifetime Access


Learn all of these looks with the;
ONLY £44
(worth £350)


How long will the course take?

You can complete the course in as long or as short a time as you wish through self-study plus you have lifetime access so you can re-visit the lessons anytime.

How soon can I start the course?

As soon as you sign up, all the videos/documents will be sent straight to the email you sign up with, so you can start immediately!

Who is this course for?

The course is designed for any woman in business, who doesn’t have a ‘specific’ makeup look for business events. Or you would just love to learn and create a more professional image with your makeup. Whatever your reason – you will be expertly guided in enhancing and complementing your natural features with these 4 amazing videos.

Why is this course different from other beauty courses?

With over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry working from high-end fashion shoots, to brides on their big day, and teaching group makeup Masterclasses, this fires my passion and appreciation of how makeup can help women with their confidence.  
Working as a business woman and networking with many women in business, I understand the need for a professional, but enhancing makeup look. 
Beauty needs to be both inside as well as outside and this comes across in my training.

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