The must-have toolkit of Makeup Secrets that every

Woman NEEDS!

Our personal Makeup and Skincare image changes A LOT once we hit 30, with our skin texture and features tweaking over the years - we need to focus on enhancing our true beauty!

We have LESS time on our hands, and our makeup doesn't look as effective as it did 5 years ago...

We really are stuck in a rut with skincare and makeup that we haven't changed since.

NOW, with my ‘The Mid-Life Makeup Toolkit’ your current routine can be revitalised with new techniques, knowledge and skills for your everyday makeup look and skincare routine.

PERFECT for Women over 30 years old 
Mums, and Business Women who want to focus more on their self-love and appearance.

From my Beauty Toolkit Workbook, this will cover all real-womens' (find out below) concerns about makeup and beauty issues - with all the answers on these beauty problems to give you a solution for each, including what to work on and how to adapt your applications to solve your makeup problems.

AND it also includes QUICK makeup lessons when you have less time!

This is what we have been searching for… QUICK, EFFECTIVE, ENHANCING answers!


I have been teaching women for years, on how they can focus on their true beauty, enhance what they have and be their beautiful self everyday! 

So I wanted to create you, your 'at home' beauty toolkit with all my secrets and

get the answers you've been looking for.




What the Toolkit contains;

  • 101 BEAUTY TOOLKIT GUIDE - Beauty solving the following concerns...

 (Real concerns, for real women based on research)


Hooded Eyes, 

All Skin Types,

Neck Ageing,

Adult Acne,

Enlarged Pores

Skin Textures,

Puffy Eyes,


Lip Line, 


Under-eye Circles, 

Eye Creasing,

Cakey Makeup

  • 10 minute Daily Makeup Demo
    The perfect makeup look for everyday, to teach you new tips and techniques

  • 'No makeup' makeup Demo (secret formula)

       My most popular makeup lesson, on enhancing without having to
       use foundation

  • Ultimate Makeup Bag Checklist 

       Helping you go through you makeup bags and assuring you have 'essentials' - also 

       Includes 8 breakdown videos on skin and makeup recommended products, if you
       want to replace or add anything from the checklist 

  • Monthly LIVE Product Recommendation updates on the checklist
    Join me once a month to find out the new products that I love and recommend

  • Jet Setting Summer Makeup Bag Checklist 

      Dedicated to the summer, and holiday travel makeup essentials - also with a video of
      my top recommended products

  • EXCLUSIVE Regain that Glow Video
    Dedicated to those going through pre/menopausal symptoms and what skincare and makeup you should adapt to during these times.

  • Skincare Focus Worksheet
    Skincare plans for age groups 30s/40s/50s on the perfect day & night skincare routine

  • FREE Skincare Consultations upon purchase
    To find your personalised routine especially to suit your concerns on a Private 1:1 with Sophie

AND LIFE-TIME ACCESS to recap, repeat and revisit anytime!
This entire toolkit will be in a Private Facebook Group for you to gain access to upon purchase - where you can then access all of the above for LIFE and join me on the LIVE Monthly Checklist top-up.

You came across this because its the perfect time to put this toolkit into action!

Are you ready to get your QUICK, EFFECTIVE MAKEOVER TOOLKIT??

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Its never too late to enhance your beauty!



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