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Instant access to your own makeup world, with SDiaries Beauty Membership!

A combination of my passion, my job and my teacher within me, is now surfacing to a members only club with instant access and regular insight to start working on your makeup goals!

For years in the makeup industry, I have focussed creating and teaching my clients how to apply and choose makeup to enhance their natural beauty.

And its now the perfect time to make this virtually available for YOUR future;
To enhance your natural beauty in the comfort of your own home, learning daily, weekly and monthly with your personal membership access.
The membership includes regular lessons, challenges, masterclasses and so much more with my training, to truly be your best, confident, beautiful self.

SDiaries Beauty Membership is a empire of women ready to take on their own personal journey, through the guidance on my makeup artist expertise, and I'm all yours, every step of the way.

I am welcoming you to embark in your beauty world, through private education, self work and learn all the beauty techniques, that will forever enhance your natural beauty.


Over 7 years ago, I grew my empire through making women feel and look their ultimate best on the biggest day of their life - Their wedding day! 

Which thrived me to really focus on enhancing natural beauty.
(A bride wants to feel herself, in a more sophisticated, beautiful manor to represent her future chapter in her life.)

This resulted in then teaching women how to enhance and compliment their personal features, the tone of their skin and the shape of their faces.
This is all created from self-love and unique beauty that we all should identify on our journey.


Now teaching women daily, how to apply, wear and own a beautiful natural makeup look everyday!
Which has lead me to now EXCITINGLY opening the doors to my NEW empire of SDiaries Beauty Membership.

A regular, active space for women to start their own journey and learn EVERYTHING along the way.


SDiaries is a Monthly Subscription Membership to learn, grow and enhance your true beauty, knowledge and skills.

If you have came across this membership, this is fate that bought you to this journey, to dig deep, discover your beauty and feel confident and beautiful EVERYDAY.


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SDiaries Beauty Membership.png


This price will be changing within 2021 and going UP throughout the year.

Lets compare reality;
You are paying £22 per month -
For 1 MONTH worth of amazing, in-depth content

Also worth knowing...
The price for 1:1 makeup lesson is up to £100!
My course is up to £199!
Seasonal Makeup lessons would cost £200 to refresh each quarter!
And my Virtual makeup lessons are £20pp!!

but you get ALL of this for just £22 per month!

@Makeup By Sophie Downing