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What is The Glow Collective?

A supportive and inspiring community for Women to
‘GROW OUR GLOW’ through self-love, and uplift our true beauty, inside and out.

We are all beautiful in our unique ways, and learning to love who your are is the key to a happy, precious life.

The Glow Collective brings all this together for you to learn, watch and get involved in the group to find your
inner and outer glow.

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The Glow Collective Group is an active place to be, the kind of place that feels safe, friendly and informative to your beauty world - the utter destination you can rely on.


Every week is something NEW, from my personal makeup journey, my working world that shows some behind the scenes.

Best of all, LIVE makeup and skincare sessions to help, educate and learn many new tips and tricks in minutes.

I always say; 'watching a video is not always enough, so being able to take part in the steps will help you learn to your best advantage' and I make this super easy with the step by step directions on each session.

And thats not it!

We have some great Hashtag days that you can get involved in...

Every Wednesday is #beautyquestions day, where you can ask anything you need an answer for. Wether its makeup, skincare, products or tools - ill answer this as in-depth as possible!

Every Sunday is #selfcare day, which means you make time for YOU, its one thing that we can easily forget about in our busy days, and with The Glow Collective here to elevate your inner AND outer beauty, these self care sundays are super important.

It could be a face-mask, reading a book, a bath, or just an outdoor walk?
We share out self-care actions to keep up accountable and putting ourselves first for once.

I also just pop on LIVE at any random point if I feel like I have something great to share that will help everyone of us. So,

I want to take you on this journey with me and all the amazing ladies in The GLOW Collective, to join the uplifting journey each and everyday to;

- Take care of your Skin

- Create enhancing makeup looks 

- Boost your self-confidence

- Live a positive, happy life


If you are ready to start this beautiful journey, then YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

More about Sophie, and why she created
The Glow Collective

I started my life journey as a quiet young girl and blossomed into a confidence, happy and beautiful being, through my life experiences and career.

I am a Professional Makeup Artist day to day, and I teach women to enhance their true beauty through natural skincare routines and personal makeup looks.
I believe that focussing on your unique features with self-love and confidence releases a beautiful woman inside and out.

Over 7 years ago, I grew my empire through making women feel and look their

ultimate best on the biggest day of their life - Their wedding day! 

Which thrived me to really focus on enhancing natural beauty.
(A bride wants to feel herself, in a more sophisticated,

beautiful manor to represent her future chapter in her life.)

This resulted in then teaching women how to enhance and compliment

their personal features, the tone of their skin and the shape of their faces.
This is all created from self-love and unique beauty that

we all should identify on our journey.

Now Sophie wants you to add some of her key steps to elevate your inner and outer beauty.

If you have came across this group,

this is fate that bought you to start you beauty journey,

to dig deep, discover your beauty and feel confident and beautiful EVERYDAY.