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One of our members asked;

'What are the best eyeshadow tips for Hooded Eyes?'

Its all about PLACEMENT! Ill 'write' it in the simplest terms

Find a nice natural, warm brown eyeshadow and a light, white/nude shimmer eyeshadow Place the brown shadow into the crease and raise it higher!! This gives the illusion that you have 'created' your crease dimension and will make it look more shallow Then place you light shimmer on the eyelid and take it up to you 'new crease' that you have created with the brown This pulls the eyes wide open so your eyelid look spacious and bright to disappear the look of the 'hooded' area. Like I said, this is all about placement. The application and technique will help you concur the perfect eye shape. With this area being such a unique shape - to everyone with hooded eyes There is nothing better than a pure 1:1 makeup lesson for this I created the 'Smokey Eye Lesson' as a seperate option, if you want to apply makeup a certain way or to enhance a certain area. With this lesson, we can customise this completely for a hooded eye look so that you can finally understand your eye shape forever - and know exactly how to apply and use makeup on your eyes. This session is only £80 And you can easily pop me a message and get you booked in for your transforming 1:1 eye lesson! Lessons are LIFE SKILLS! See all of my lessons and details here;

Love and Light

SD x

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