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How to choose the perfect foundation and colour matching?

One of our members asked;

'How to choose the perfect foundation and colour matching?'

1 - The perfect foundation

Ask yourself before choosing a random choice of the makeup shelf...

- What coverage do I want? (Light, Medium, Full)

- What finish would I like? (Matte, Semi-matte, Dewy)

They are the top questions you need to realise to pick the right foundation for you - AND one to tell the makeup counter MUA, they can then show you exactly what range you need.

2. Colour choice

When it comes to choosing the correct colour, you need to;

- Use natural day light

- Swatch the shade on your jawline (it should look invisible on your face and neck shade - be aware that your neck may be paler than your face)

- Know your colour toning!!!!! (Warm, Neutral, Cool)

How easy!

Most importantly, you need to KNOW YOUR OWN FACE!

What better way to learn that with me 'Know Your Own Face' 1:1 Makeup Lesson

Not only teaching you step by step on applying you full makeup look, but actually learning and understanding what colours suit you (from your skin to your eyes)

And the placement of your makeup relating to your face/eye shapes

Along the perfect products for your unique beauty to take away!!

A LIFELONG lesson for sure!

To book the Know your own face Makeup lesson, either pop me a message, or find out more on;

Love and Light

SD x

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