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what base products do i need to apply?

One of our members asked;

In what way do you apply the millions of base products?'

Let me start with listing what base products are… Skincare, Foundations, BB Creams, CC Creams, Primers, Glow Liquids, SPF, Tinted Moisturiers etc.

The correct way to apply these would be;

  1. Skincare (cleanse, tone, serum, moisturiser) Leave those to settle 5 minutes

  2. SPF cream

  3. Primer of choice (colour correcting, matte, or balancing)

  4. Your glowing liquids, such as radiance crems or liquid products (skip this step if you dont have/need any

  5. You finished base… Foundation! Or BB / CC creams/ Tinted moisturisers

Then a powder would set of complete, along with the fine details of Bronzer, Blush, Highlight etc...

I hope this helped identify each step more clearly.

Taking action, will help you see, feel and understand why each step is needed, and thats why I took it right back to the beginning in the 'Back to Basics Makeup Bundle' - a full series of at home, step by step lessons, that cover each and every area of makeup CORRECTLY! I would 100% recommend to go 'back to basics' and learn the right way, as the bundle will teach you lifelong skills! For more details on the 'Back to Basics Bundle' CLICK HERE

Love and Light

SD x

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