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Why does my eyeliner always bleed into my eyelids?

#BEAUTYQUESTIONS in the Glow Collective One of our members asked;

'Why does my eyeliner always bleed into my eyelids?'

This can be super common, and many people will buy multiple different liners but I have 2 great tips for this one! As it could be 2 reasons...

  1. Eyelids can be oily This tip would be to set the eyelids with a primer (MAC Paintpot in Soft Ochre) then set with a translucent powder (Laura mercier Translucent)

  2. The eyeliner your using may not be setting This tip will be to apply your liner, but with a smudge brush (Zoeva Brush - 332 ) Press on top of the liner with the matching colour eyeshadow to set the cream into a powder liner

This is great to stop transferring if it is the liner.

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Let me know if you also have this problem and if this helps

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